Essays On The Northwest Rebellion Of 1885

Essays On The Northwest Rebellion Of 1885-78
In truth, the Riel hanging was only the first in a series of events (school issues, imperialism, conscription, etc.) that eventually led Henri Bourassa to write that French Canadians were bound to come to think that Quebec was their only country since they had no rights anywhere else in Canada.] [Both federally and provincially, the people of Quebec began to turn away from the Conservative Party, the party of Macdonald, the party of the "pendards" (the hangers).Increasingly they turned to the Liberal Party that chose Wilfrid Laurier, a French Canadian from Quebec, as its leader (1887).

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Riel was hanged in the Police Barracks at Regina in November, 1885, though there were many who believed that he should properly have been confined instead to a lunatic asylum.Middleton was held up by the half-breeds at Fish creek, on the South Saskatchewan, but after a delay he resumed his march, and on May 12 he defeated the main body of Riel's [Métis] at Batoche.Meanwhile, General Strange had reached Edmonton, and was closing in on Big Bear and his Crees.Some of these were [...] from the Red river valley, who, after having been granted farms of 240 acres in the Red river district, had sold out, and moved west to the Saskatchewan.To all these native settlers the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway across the prairies brought a serious threat.They had enjoyed a monopoly of the transportation business on the western prairies; and of this the railway threatened to rob them.The buffalo, on which they had relied for a livelihood, had disappeared, and their farms had become their chief source of livelihood.Yet, they largely underestimated the effect that the events of the North West has on Native Canadians.In 1885, Riel and his Indian allies, made the last stand of Native Canadians against the encroachements of White-European progress in the West.Eight of the Indian ring-leaders in the rebellion were also hanged; though Poundmaker and Big Bear both escaped with prison sentences.The execution of Riel caused grave repercussions in Canadian politics, for his compatriots in French Canada were almost unanimous in demanding the remission of his sentence.


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