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In hospitals, most of the equipments use or are run by computers.

Look at space exploration; it was all made possible with the advent of computer technology.

Computers are a common phenomenon in the lives of people in today’s world.

Computers are very vital especially to those people who run businesses, industries and other organizations.

However, the use of computers has generated public discourses whereby people have emerged with different views, some supporting their use and others criticizing them (Saimo 1).

To better understand how computers influence the lives of people, we will have to start from the history, from their invention to the present day.In such a case, it will take long to go through all the transactions to get a particular one.The invention of computers made this easier; bank employees today give customers their balances, transaction information, and other services just by tapping the computer keyboard.Man has been able to see into the future and plan ahead because of computers.Life today has been made easier with the help of computers, although some people may disagree with this, but am sure many will agree with me.Today, almost everything that people engage in makes use of a computer.Take for instance, the transport sector: vehicles, trains, airplanes, and even traffic lights on our roads are controlled by computers.Many versions of calculators and computers borrowed from his ideas.And as time went by, many developed more needs, which lead to modifications to bring about new and more efficient computers (Edwards 4).Without computers companies will find it difficult store thousands of records that are made on a daily basis.Take for instance, what will happen to a customer checking his or her balance, or one who just want to have information on transactions made.


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