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Fourth is the lacking processing power needed to function.

Fourth is the lacking processing power needed to function.

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"Even when called upon to act or respond, it is largely in the machine-mode; the knee is tapped to provoke reflexes..." (page 121).

"At the core of modern medical practice is the Cartesian revelation: the living body can be treated as essentially no different from a machine" (page 121).

It is important to study the relevant history prior to studying a subject of "mind/body" in order to know the type of hypothesis or philosopher to use.

c) How would a “dualist” (brain/body-mind)” argue against a “monist-materialist” approach?

Not because it is the correct way to make a diagnosis or that those little details do not matter.

The topic chosen was from the Mind Unit, and though there were several topics to choose from, the most interesting topic that I found of interest was in regards to computers.

The mind is private and is full of emotions and feelings.

In the essay called "Lived Body", by Drew Leder, he says that one of the consequences of Cartesian dualism is our understanding of our bodies as more dead than alive.

Starting with, the amount of up time, the life span of storage, the energy required, processing, the idea of who stay’s and who goes, and finally the future of the technology that could be. Physically the human brain requires only twenty watts of power to run, however to run a server and all of its components requires around eight hundred watts of power.

If we took into account that everyone would eventually be downloaded into a computer, and currently the population is over seven billion people, we would require nearly 56 trillion watts to power on basic functionality.


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