Essays On Body Motion Communication

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There are many different types of body language such as different types of facial expressions that are articulated mainly with the eyebrows, mouth, forehead and eyes.

Your posture and certain gestures are also body language indicators.

Contains essays on body movement and human commnication, some previously published and others published here for the first time.

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Substitution is another form of body language that plays a big role in any interaction. This frequently leads to miscommunications and therefore, it is crucial to be educated about nonverbal communications in order to maximize relationships and interactions.

When somebody is deeply pained, they don’t need words to convey their sadness for it can be seen in their eyes. “Differences in Nonverbal Cues Used by Men & Women”.

So body language may include things like raised eyebrows, an opened surprised mouth, rolling of the eyes, slouching of the shoulders, and a nod of the head.

Artifacts are another form of non-verbal communication. It includes the clothes we wear, our hair styles, the jewellery we wear, the makeup we use and any facial hair we may have.

A person can complement what he said with his body language too.

Rubbing one’s temples will show on the stress he ...


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