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Essays Greek Roman Civilization-66
The Greece mainly made pots for daily use as they needed them in their homes.The different colors they used for painting showed diversity in the art in Greece. Creativity was high and new developments were made.

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The ancient Greece and Roman Empire are very popular in History for the artwork.The Roman Empire had styles of artwork borrowed from Egyptian and italic cultures.The diversity of artwork in the Roman Empire was very admirable and diverse.The Olympic games took session every four years and had five events (the pentathlon), wrestling, running, chariot races, jumping, and the javelin.Today more than twenty events take place that is one way that the ancient Greek life affected ours today.The collosseum was also used for condemned criminals, or Christians to fight wild animals, or starving beasts.This is one of the biggest difference’s that the Greeks had from the Romans.These were the major types and forms of Roman Empire Art.There other art types and forms that were considered to be minor. The Roman Empire is one of the famous historical arts culture.Another difference between the Greek and the roman empire was, the fact that the Romans had festivals that represented something for the king or ruler at that time, but in Greece it was mostly sport festivals and festivals that honored the gods.Something that the Romans didn’t have but the Greeks did and could brag about was the Olympic games.


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