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It did not take much time when Sedaris started feeling a phobia from the French whenever a possibility arose to speak in French; he started preferring not to speak in public places at all.All students were in the same situation, pissed harshly by the French teacher that someone confided to Sedaris that like Sedaris, they were on the verge of crying alone at night.

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Here in the United States when someone does not speak English well or speaks a broken version of the language many tend to think less, enforce......D.

Tan, Amy, “Mother Tongue”---395 words begins her essay with the disclaimer, " I am not a scholar of English or literature.

I cannot give you much more man personal opinions on the English language and its variations in mis country or others." Does tins opening remark add to her credibility or detract from it? The opening remark Amy Tan makes at the beginning of her short story “Mother Tongue” adds to her credibility as a narrator because she reveals that she is giving the reader her story, and not trying to inform or teach us.

Since Tan is giving her opinion, her experience gives us confidence that she knows what she is......Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue Thesis Sentence: Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” is about the immigrant experience and how lack of proficiency in the foreign language leads people to view an intelligent person in a not very flattering light.

Societies are increasingly multicultural and multi-lingual and languages are in a state of flux.

In this scenario, the requirements of language need to be redefined, making Tan’s essay very interesting.

His joy speaks all: “Talk me more, you, plus, please, plus.” Comparing the experience of Sedaris, of speaking a foreign language with that of Amy’s mother, her mother had to pass through irritating situations.

Amy’s mother’s English was comparatively poorer; her acquaintances could hardly manage what she spoke but to someone like Amy, her English was totally understandable.

It was the reason why Amy’s mother used to ask her daughter to manage her phone calls by disguising as Amy’s mother, not Amy so that her remarks were taken seriously.

Amy’s mother used to omit the use of nouns, pronouns, and the verbs while conveying messages (Tan 2).


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