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I also include in a discussion of All three stories take us into faërian or elvish dramas so that we can examine their characteristics.I discuss the faërian drama as a palimpsest, allowing the participant a kind of double vision.

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Light illuminates the sky, the earth, the vision of creatures.

As Flieger points out, “Both words and light are agents of perception” ( 46).

I was part of that half, carrying with me a terrifying creature that would threaten to make appearances in the dusk and dark of my adolescent playing-around-the-watery-edges of creeks and lagoons.

But I’ll hazard a guess that my monster was different to most of those detailed in the psychological literature: I know exactly where it came from and what it was called. I’ve come to call it a “gift” from my father on account of it being him that (perhaps ill-advisedly) told me about it as a bedtime story.

I’m curious about the resilience of particular narratives.

And, even more so, I’m fascinated by their details: those that remain unaltered, the ones that evolve over time, and the ones lost altogether.I talked about some of my ideas when I gave a paper at the 2017 Tolkien Society Seminar, but this essay goes into much more detail and is part of a larger project I’m working on about Tolkien’s typological imagination.I’ll quote from my introduction and give a summary of my main points in the hopes that you might be interested in buying The Great Music sung by the Ainur gives rise to a vision of Arda and, attracted by what they have sung into potential existence, the Powers descend into the world to achieve its creation.The mind needs monsters, as David Gilmore tells us in his classic 2003 text on the subject. What is there to need in a massive and monstrous worm living under the bed?Psychologists tell us that monsters begin to occupy a child’s imagination from the age of two or three, in response to normal neurological development and functioning.The appearance of a type brings into the narrative its associated meanings.” Anyone who has read Verlyn Flieger’s work will recognize the immense influence she has had on my views.This volume compiled in her honour by John Rateliff proves that she is the inspiration for a long and wide-ranging genealogy of students and scholars following in her footsteps.Light and Music become manifest as vision and language, or image and word – either or both acting as the catalyst in the sub-creative process as described by Tolkien ….The seers and singers in these stories represent a typology of sub-creators – a repeated categorization of types – who demonstrate the powers of splintered music and light, word and image.” The three stories that I picked for commentary deal with the sub-creative powers of light and music or image and word by describing how different characters create art, whether it be through language, storytelling, vision, painting, blacksmithing, singing, and even baking.By preschool most children will have experienced monster-related fears.Around half of all high-school students still retain fears of imaginary and supernatural phenomena.


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