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Freenote has many flexibilities which includes altering scale of words for emphasis, as well as the color or background.

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This program does not check for plagiarism, and may not justify it’s $59.00 price tag.

This simple proofreading application summarizes grammatical and spelling mistakes into various categories and offers feedback for many types of corrections.

Claims to boost productivity through checking contextual spelling, misused word correction, and basic grammar errors.

However, investigation into these claims reveal inconsistency in the programming which leaves many errors uncorrected.

When this extension is installed simply highlight the word in question and the application will provide a pop-up meaning similar to the dictionary function on a Kindle.

Advantages: For those writers working within the Google platform this tool allows seamless searches of definitions.Spelling is marked with the color red while grammar and diction is marked with green. Online source for checking for plagiarism errors, various elements of proofreading, and spelling consistency.Rated as the best tool for college students, bloggers, and freelancers to check their work.An open source software tool which proofreads documents in over 20 languages for spelling and grammar errors.Helpful for writers who include multiple languages in a document, or who are learning new languages.As mentioned above, it can catch grammar mistakes, wording mistakes, spelling mistakes, and expand your vocabulary. However, at the cost of .95 it is may not be the best financial option as these other applications with minimally lower ratings.Text box receives sample of writing and checks for punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors.It usually comes standard on all versions of Microsoft Windows. The guides seem to offer basic resources and instructions on how to produce work.However, the main value from this website is the vast array of free sample essays and research papers that you can find on virtually any topic.This is especially helpful for initial thoughts before beginning a large project. This voice to text software program features multi-language capacity, and is affordable at .00 a year as well as having a free version and free trial.This software has the advantage of being able to dictate in third party software, and the ability to fill out forms online.


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