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You can always add an extra row or column later if you want to add something.

You can always add an extra row or column later if you want to add something.It’s a good idea to set the first row and first column in centered bold type.

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Before you even begin brainstorming content, you’ll want to lay out a chart.

Flip a Word document into landscape mode and lay out a basic chart with four or five columns and the same number of rows.

You’ll be assessing overall accomplishment rather than the details that make up the accomplishment.

Say you have an essay that uses persuasive language well, despite some grammar or vocabulary issues.

These will be the title cells, and having them in bold helps you to visually recognize your criteria.

Rows Each row in your chart will be titled with the general area or objective that you’ll be assessing.While assessing a student with a rubric, you’ll ask yourself the simple, yes/no question: Did the student meet with these expectations?Though you want your expectations to be concisely worded, you also want them to be understandable, both for you and your students. These will be the titles you put at the head of each of your columns.In an oral presentation, you may be looking at body language, vocal expression, pronunciation, as well as introduction, logical argument and conclusion.Holistic rubrics take a few steps back and are a more general, global look at the task.While being creative is fashionable in modern foreign language teaching, creating a rubric will actually begin with a pretty standard format.This format simplifies the seemingly complex task of assessing a task.The word “rubric” has its roots in the Latin word for the color red. It’s the color of firetrucks, stop signs and other important, attention-getting things in our lives.It was also the color of the “rules” for giving the liturgy back in the times when mass was said in Latin.If you’ve ever felt lost when grading a fistful of short essays, maybe you’ve been missing a rubric in your life!If you want your students to focus on specific aspects of role-play, writing a rubric can help you to outline what you expect when they’re acting out.


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