Essay On Nature Walk

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On a bad day the nature in this city lifts my spirits and helps me relax from the stresses and bustle of every-day life. I work on scaling up greening in cities across Europe.

On a good day it fills me with outright joy—why would I want to live anywhere else? My global city—London—has been a leader in urban greening initiatives for many years.

And I think it would be wonderful if we become a National Park City.

In preparation for writing this, I asked some of my friends and neighbours what their experiences are of nature in our city.

Both my work and my studies have given me the conceptual and methodological tools to examine nature in the city—so I know the theories and evidence that nature in the city is of value.

Yet many research questions remain to be explored; how to measure and evaluate nature in the city, how to introduce or manage quality green space into the city in a way that enhances equity and promotes social cohesion, how to effectively manage storm water and the urban heat island, how can urban greening contribute to improved health and wellbeing?We are a diverse group of ages and ethnicity, single and non-single parents, home owners and renters, immigrants and their descendants, not rich or poor, mostly working at least part time, only a couple of us were born in this city, although most of our children were.One neighbour immediately talked about the street trees and how everyone gets together in the park when the weather is good.The trees lining streets, softening them and the buildings behind, providing shelter and shade, the wind rustling through the leaves, adding green to the grey.The small parks dotted around, often crammed with something for everyone—children’s play, green gym, table tennis, benches, trees, flowers, even the occasional pond.I see birds, bees, butterflies, and this time of year spiders sitting in beautiful webs.My precious tiny rear garden, as so often in this city sub-divided between neighbours, still provides us with the chance to grow fruit, vegetables and wildflowers, as well as provide home to bikes and bug habitats.century homes, two-storey houses or flats, the occasional purpose built (but low rise) block, I walk in the streets for half an hour at least three times every day.I encounter a mostly global community (from Africa, South Asia, South America, the Caribbean and Europe).My neighbours prefer a more manicured look and I think they long to come through our shared gate with forks and shears—but they tolerate our more natural state and we often share a barbecue and drink in one or other of our patches.All of these tiny dots of nature creating a connected ‘green’ necklace strung like the finest pearls through the neighbourhood.


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