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How do you stay open with no electricity to heat food, and create a pleasant experience for your clientele? Some may read this piece and say “well Mike, Sea Point is an affluent area, who cares? Those 75 restaurants create and provide jobs for many of the city’s poorest and attract revenue from some of the country and globes wealthiest.

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An inconvenient but factual observation at this point would be, the latest bouts of load shedding only began in earnest three days after President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned unbundling Eskom in his SONA speech. Against that backdrop, Numsa has already promised that should unbundling actually occur they will bring the entire Eskom (read country) to a standstill for five days leading up to the elections. Paid employees of our state-owned, national power grid are threatening to stop the supply of all electricity to the country.

This means no lights, no heating or cooking, no water purification nor sanitation.

They usually have to travel far distances to get to work on public transport and taxis.

Those daily tips are essential, in most instances, to not only supporting themselves but also their direct families, and often extended family members too, given the current unemployment rate in South Africa.

His company is proudly also the home of the phenomenon called The Street Store, the open-source, pop-up clothing store for the homeless.

It has gone on to become a global movement providing a free shopping experience for hundreds of thousands of homeless people around the world.And with global competition from other countries with stable power supply and huge talent and assets in manufacture, tourism, call centres, IT, the growing job impact from Artificial Intelligence and new tech never being higher…We need absolute clarity as to the exact nature of this current crisis and to understand who exactly are the experts who’ve already been called in to 1.Protect our existing supply and 2) Enhance our existing infrastructure and related potential output.It wasn’t that long thereafter (less than three years) that Alec Erwin, announced load shedding and problems at Eskom.He also rejected calls for a full Eskom Inquiry at the time. This week, each day Stage 4 load shedding occurred, it was from 12-2.30pm and from 8-10.30pm effectively taking out both lunch and supper revenues from most of those establishments.I have absolutely no doubt that President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to turn the country around and we must support his efforts in doing so.Not necessarily by means of your vote, as that is factually a party vote, but as everyday citizens trying to help wherever we can to keep positive, focused and push for service delivery and accountability.The food in these restaurants is mostly prepared in advance and will naturally spoil if not consumed, with many perishables and short shelf-life items.This puts a massive strain on these small businesses, the kitchen hands, the chefs and of course, the owners. The lack of sales and turnover in these restaurants, affects the entire supply chain of businesses to them, all the way to farmers of fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, basics supplies and commodities (butter, flour, eggs, milk, salt and pepper), the fishermen and every single other direct and indirect associated business.No hospitals, schools, travel, manufacture and general business can occur normally across the entire country.This against the existing backdrop of an uncertain global economy and a very tight local one with unemployment currently at a record high.


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