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Archimedes is said to have used this property to set enemy ships on fire. Paul’s Cathedral in London—in which a whisper at one focus of an ellipsoid (an ellipse rotated about one axis) can be heard at the other focus, but nowhere else.

The study of projectile motion is a real life application of the parabolic conic section.

Soccer balls, divers, missiles and airplanes follow perfect parabolic trajectories if the air resistance is neglected.

Typically, the section of the paraboloid used is offset from the centre so that the feedhorn and its support do not unduly block signals to the reflecting dish.

Conic Sections The term conic sections is used when discussing the derivation of a line that is a locus of points equal distance from either a line, a point, both a line and a point, two lines, etc.

Taking a flat plane that would be parallel to the base of the cone, and intercepting it with a single nappe of the cone produces the circle.

The ellipse is formed by the intersection of the cone with a flat plane that intercepts one nappe of the cone, but is not parallel to the base, and is not parallel to any other side of the cone.Conic section, also called conic, in geometry, any curve produced by the intersection of a plane and a right circular cone.Depending on the angle of the plane relative to the cone, the intersection is a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, or a parabola.Conic sections are a group of curves which are generated by slicing a cone with a plane.If the plane is tilted parallel to the slope of the cone, the cut produces a parabola.A similar technique is used today for launching long range missiles, but the computed trajectory takes into account slight variations in gravity and changes due to air drag.Parabolic mirrors are commonly found in optical instruments such as cameras, telescopes, and microscopes. Parabolic mirrors ensure that the image is not blurred as it eliminates aberration, i.e.When a parabola is expressed in Cartesian coordinates, the equation is a second order polynomial.This curve is commonly found in nature, engineering applications and architecture.(West, 112) There are different ways to derive each separate curve, and many uses for them to be applied to as well.All of which are an important aspect to conic sections.


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