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“I changed my mind and decided I’d rather see Japan.” I left five days later by myself for Tokyo.

On a whim, I’d tossed my New Zealand brochures, quickly researched Japan, bought a cheap ticket, and arranged to sleep the first few nights there on the spare futon of a friend’s family. I was young, and I traveled by intuition and circumstance.

Other travel for business for example many purchase items from the foreign place and bring it back to sell it at a profitable price.

Many people who have less to think of normally travel to explore the world, discovering cultures, history, activities etc.

People obtain their own comfortable seats, have assistances for drinks and food, a proper toilet etc.

Many people may not afford this but it is a well-justified price to pay for.This is a great idea, but it does not make you a shoe-in for your dream school.It’s important to reflect on your time in a different state or overseas and think about how it has changed you in a unique way.We’re especially certain of that here at Rustic Pathways!Since travel is such a transformative experience, many students write about their adventures for their college admissions essays.If some self-knowledge is encountered, great, but it’s not the trip’s goal.No longer wanting to define myself, I now prefer sharing travel with a companion other than chance. Most solo travelers are young and want to measure and discover themselves with new experiences, just as I did.Since the introduction of international airlines the travels became easier but more expensive.Although it is, there is a vast difference from the past until now which is reasonable.“I remember joking about older people who tour the gardens.” We laughed at this. Where once we focused on pubs, now it is on shrubs, and I am fine with it.Serendipity can still turn our daily plans on end and lead us down some unknown path of discovery.


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