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New Zealand-based film and media studies academic Miriam Ross, author of the brilliant Vertical Framing Video Essay, has teamed with Greer Fyfe to produce six well-illustrated guides to making video essays, covering in detail such practical aspects as downloading audiovisual content, editing your own content, creating a mash up, sharing your work, and extra software.

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It is important to weigh both the pros and the cons when considering how you will use audiovisual aids in your classroom.Regardless of your equipment, there are many things that could go wrong that may derail your presentation.A bulb might burn out on your projector or it might be blurry or hard to focus.Due to budget constraints, some schools may not have enough audiovisual equipment for every classroom, and availability could be limited.Audiovisual presentations can take a considerable amount of time to prepare. Films may be difficult to obtain, or it can take time to get permission to use them.Certain audiovisual aids such as VCRs for older video recordings, can be bulky and difficult to transport. She is the author of "Little Miss Right Now" and her articles have appeared in the "Blackwater Review," "Voices" and "Northwest Florida Daily News." Liberty is certified in elementary education and has a Master of Science in psychology from Troy State University.Visual thinking engages the use of visual aids to deliver educational content more effectively.When using a Power Point presentation, font and colors may show up differently on screen or the music and sound might not play. DVDs may be scratched or not compatible with your player.Visual aids are more of a distraction if used throughout the entire presentation versus during key points.There also may be too many slides for the students to interpret, or the audio and visual may not match up.An entertaining video can take the focus off the speaker and the presentation, while a dry video and low lighting can put students to sleep.


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