Essay About Why I Am Proud To Be An American

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Often I feel as though we aren't appreciative enough to the daily freedoms we take for granted in this great country.

We tend to shift our focus on what could be improved in this nation rather than what has been done so that we are able to live a good life here.

He tries, he fails, he faces opposition, he falls, he makes a small difference and he falls. I am proud to be American because despite it all, we are a melting pot of nearly 320 million people who hail from every country on the planet.

We work every day to be better, bolder and wiser.(If you don't believe me, watch this.)I am proud to be American because despite it all, the American Dream is still real.

When asked about America’s future, he reflected on the fear, the fright and the might we have at our disposal, no matter where we may be in the world.

The next time I’m asked why I left the States if they’re so great, or what I think about A, B or C in the USA, I will channel my inner Barack Obama and be bold:1. The America I know gave me the opportunities to pursue my dreams across the sea.4.

I can go to church where I want, marry who I want, be who I want to be without fear of being persecuted by the government. It’s heartbreaking to watch the news every day and hear about another act of violence or crime.

Yes, this is Teddy Roosevelt fording a river on mooseback. I can get a job regardless of whether or not I come from the highest social class or the color of my skin or gender.

Since the beginning, we’ve always been a nation that the world has looked to as a place where anything is possible.

There are many problems in this world and the United States is the best country in the earth.


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