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PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT (Project Planning / Project Formulation / Project Implementation / Preparation of Project Proposal) Compiled by S.Rengasamy, Madurai Institute of Social Sciences One Of the most important administrative developments in the developed as well as in developing countries has been the initiation and growth of a large number of new programs projects in every field like Since the 1950s the development agenda has been agriculture, irrigation, industry, community characterized by projects and programs aimed at improving the quality of life of beneficiary communities, development and social welfare etc..Project Objectives XYZ management has determined that to accomplish becoming ISO 9000 certified they must incorporate a Quality Control Reporting (QCR) module that will interface with the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Project (Plan) Approach Project (Plan) Organization A project team committee will be established to address all questions and concerns. Task assignments have been clearly documented in the Project Plan as well as the expected duration of each task. This allows the Project Coordinator to maintain control by providing a communication tool... One tool that assists management in planning and budgeting is the work breakdown structure. Networks are basically a technique to help management in the planning and control of projects. Networks are not only useful for planning and controlling, but they can provide a means of communication between the various departments that participate on the project. Visual multimedia applications are especially useful in project management. Planning and scheduling activities help project teams: Align and focus on delivering project objectives Provides specific, detailed action plans. Improves project communication, coordination, and integration.

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The project manager is able to communicate the performance evaluation results to the management and the customers by means of communication such as emailing, written documents, face-to-face meetings, memos, updates, and other types of electronic announcements.

Within the communication process, the information that needs to be stated will be identified, the communication format and timing will be decided, the audience will be determined, and the message will be communicated either formally or informally through the appropriate channel.

User involvement, executive management and a clear statement of the requirements of a project are the main influential factors relating to the success of communication management. When referring to communication, talking is always considered but it also involves listening.

Various tracking tools can be used to monitor the project status effectively.

(Clough and Hudson, 1991 – Construction Project Management) Simply put, project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. Construction Documents In contrast to Contract Documents, Construction documents consists of all the relevant building plans, specifications, and supporting... Abstract In this project (assignment), I have documented a small-scale project regarding Yebeng Shoes. Scope Planning In terms of planning, Yebeng Shoes managed to planned well and are always planned on time. Personnel and Human Resource Management The resources that the company has obtained is sufficient. Their principles are: - More to family style - The price of the product is based on family price - Use the concept "buy more, gain more" " Time Management and Administration Before meeting the production deadlines, the company will inform to all the workers 4 months earlier...

This paper will provide the project management plan for the software integration and will incorporate the multiple step process of a successful project management action plan for each phase of the project management life-cycle. Project management concepts are critical to ensure the systematic flow of the project on both an individual basis as well as the project as a whole. Following is a brief summary of the multiple steps that will be utilized in the program management process: Planning Phase This phase shall focus on the project scheduling, work breakdown schedule, feasibility st... Renegotiate and revise the schedule and plan as project conditions change Who does construction planning? The project's lead planner integrates these plans into a multi-functional construction plan. Change order management should diligently document changes and weekly-biweekly review cost and effect of these changes. Classroom Management Classroom management is important, especially for beginner teachers, because it helps make those first few years of teaching easier when there is an effective classroom management system in place. Basically, a great classroom management system means a happier teaching experience. Classroom management is much bigger than just classroom discipline and controlling student behavior. The goal of classroom management is to eliminate all of these variables and to learn how to plan for and deal with student misbehaviors. The rationale for using sound project management is to achieve sustainable development. The simplest definition of a project is "it is a unique set of activities with a beginning and an end, undertaken to meet some established goals, objectives and deliverables within defined constraints of scope, quality, time, cost and stakeholder or customer satisfaction." More than 2,500 years ago, the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, expressed this sentiment. This process allows the project managers to identify who the project stakeholders are, identify their communication or message needs, and make sure that the correct people get the right information at the right time.The conductor succeeds only because of direct and instant communication with all members of the orchestra (Pinto, 1994). The skills needed to be a successful project manager is rarely not hard skills but is soft skills, which are leadership ability, communication skills, motivation, managing conflicts, negotiation, problem-solving skill and decision-making. Hence a project manager needs to acquire both skills in practice of project management. (b) The ways of developing project management skills. By surfing the related professional organization Internet sites such...The plan will enable the gallery to focus on matters that improve its performance.Such an undertaking will enable the enterprise to address the challenges that impair its operations (Riehle 2007).Soho gallery’s business intelligence system is meant to get the work done in a manner that is in line with the organization’s strategic goals.The communication strategies being laid down by the project plan will be relating to the key performances of the gallery.Introduction This project plan is a tool kit that develops internal communication strategies which SOHO art gallery seeks to implement.The aim of this plan is to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency by creating internal communication strategies in a manner that leads to cohesiveness in the organizational culture.


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