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It’s a national day of celebration and what better way to express this festivity than to show patriotism and solidarity?It is the day of the year when Malaysians from all walks of life come together to commemorate independence.You can also carry and wave flags from as small as a toothpick, to as big as a real pole.

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Now, Independence Day is celebrated every year without fail.

On this day, Malaysians from all backgrounds, race and religion celebrate together in a harmonious way.

The morning after, Tunku Abdul Rahman read aloud the Proclamation of Independence, followed by seven chants of Merdeka, with the crown at the square joining following each chant.

The moment is considered to be one of Malaysia’s most memorable and significant points in history.

You can decorate your house, office cubicle, or car with the Malaysian flag; not just one, but as many as you can!

You can also use the colors of the flag to design your surroundings.Each year, there will be a different theme for the Merdeka celebration.This theme is in conjunction with the concept of 1Malaysia, touted by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.Traditionally, a grand and colourful parade is held at the Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur, where people can attend and celebrate.Various government agencies and private sectors join together to participate in the parade.On the 30th of August, Malaysia’s then Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman took to the Royal Selangor Club Padang, now known as the Merdeka square at 11.58pm and observed two minutes of darkness.At the stroke of midnight, the Union Jack was lowered and raised with the Flag of Malaya.Aside from shopping, restaurants are also offering huge discounts on food items.This is a celebration after all, so why not binge-eat at food festivals around the country?They partnering with each other and are marketing these efforts in time for the Merdeka celebrations where people can show their nationalism even more.You can join them and participate in their activities.


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