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The business has a great chance of becoming successful.

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Entrepreneurship is a bold venture for any investor to get involved in, and creating a successful business requires a massive amount of effort in terms of undertaking.

In this sample essay, our expert writers respond to a prompt that asks the student to craft a unique business idea and discuss related market factors.

Furthermore, it has always been a passion of mine to be somewhat of a host to guests, and offering a great environment for people to enjoy themselves would be personally rewarding.

While the company name would not be discussed until the final stages of the project, I would opt to take into consideration our location and potential clientele before committing to a brand name.

This paper evaluates the definition and role of an entrepreneur in society, their challenges faced in affliction upon operations.

Subsequently it departs with the relativity to Regional Town and Urban planners to campaign for a, ethos of entrepreneurship in their work ethic.While many of our competitors create individual locations for their customers, we have the idea of expanding the scale and product of our business to a wider population.Should we be successful in creating this niche brand, it is feasible to think that we can net several millions of dollars per year in profit. Businesses which tend to recognize the strengths of every one of its components tend to be the most successful; we will structure an LLC in which titles are created and job duties and expectations made clear (Ferrell 2011).After the Great Recession of 2008, Americans increasingly spent their money on moderately priced forms of entertainment like the theatre instead of taking expensive vacations or going to high-priced sports events.With the economy still lingering forward, this trend will only continue in the future.During our first year of business, we expect that we will gross around one million in gross sales. If we have a successful bar established in a large city, we can expect to make anywhere from ,000 to ,000 dollars depending on the night of the week, keeping a large percentage of that due to the industry’s exceptional profit margin. The characterization of entrepreneurship is dispersed with a mixture of connotations, to briefly deliberate upon the nuances of entrepreneurship, evokes instigation for an analysis. "The aim of education is to enable individuals to continue their education, the object and reward of learning is continued capacity for growth".Perhaps the key elements in succession to the life of an entrepreneur is a broad clarification of an individuals', determination to overcoming the risk element they perceive being the challenges that they perceive would otherwise make any other individual withdraw an idea. (John Dewey - American Philosopher, Psychologist and Educator, 1859-1952). Though accomplishments of great entrepreneurial ideas have been recorded in the Western World these have been determined also by the calibre of the individual's determined self rationality of ideals that traverse the engagement of continued learning through their experiences.Totaling these numbers up, we may generate more than one million in sales; however, because it is our first year of business, we are expecting turbulence and potential problems arising. By the end of our second year of business we expect to be profitable.


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