English Language Aqa B Coursework

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"Compare the language used in children's scientific textbooks to that of A level." Children's = horrible science A level = anything from the science dept. Mine was quality and very interesting (at least for me, and my 2 teachers, even if I say so myself). ' dialect and how do they interact with one another? Get a transcript of the news reader, and get the relative to translate into how they'd say it. I investigated 20 place names in 5 different counties to trace back the settlers of that area through religious connotation.

I got 49/50, the highest mark anyone's got at my school for years. The textbooks comparison idea is very good, but I also have a perfect opportunity over the summer (my grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary) where I could manipulate a group of about forty northeners. Such as: Allerston means 'Aelfhere's stone' Aelfhere being an old english name which means supernatural elf warrior and so i linked it to paganism.

The range of texts could include stories, advertisements, menus, contracts, speeches, plays or even food labels and much more.

One of the two AS examination questions will require you to analyse six or seven small texts and categorise them according to areas such as grammar, semantics, graphology, discourse, lexis, context, pragmatics, phonology, genre, audience and other appropriate headings such as humour.

Only idea I've come up with is: An idea of comparing the language of MSN (teacher suggestion), but I'm not sure at all...

lack of real frameworks, and data collection could be difficult. I was thinking maybe get: - Conversation of a guy speaking to a girl and a guy.

"How has the Spanish language influenced American English in comparison to British English? "a comparison of protest songs from the 1960's and today" basically compare devices from the lyrics of Bob Dylan to System of a Down or Rage Against the Machine. And more so I could identify it as norse paganism because it was in Yorkshire surrounded by places with 'Thor' in the name etc.

" basically I looked at the differences between British and American English, and thought about how those changes could have come about by the influence of foreign languages, particularly Spanish. "a comparison of newspaper adverts throughout the 20th century" comparing newspaper adverts from the past to those of today. u cud still do ur original idea of language used in msn chat logs, and compare them to an older fashioned style of communication such as letters, you can always get letters from war, that would be a really good one in my opinion lol I did the difference in the language used in football spoken and written commentaries lol, i dont no wot grade i got cos my teacher still wont tell me until the results r out!!! I really enjoyed doing it actually as you can probably tell lol.

If you are interested in how the English language works, this course is ideal for you.

Year Two coursework is a language investigation that follows a format with an introduction, methodology, analysis, conclusion and bibliography etc.


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