Dissertation Results Section

Dissertation Results Section-72
It presents these findings in a logical sequence without bias or interpretation from the author, setting up the reader for later interpretation and evaluation in the Discussion section.

Side (distracting) issues should not be written about because they will cloud the essence of your message.The Results section is one of the most important sections of your research paper.Here you present the facts and findings about your research, and it answers the question “what” about your study.With the main goals mentioned, it is interesting to note how to go about writing this chapter.To do this, follow three important suggestions: Keep in mind that the Discussion chapter can be considered the most important part of your dissertation.The amount of textual description used will depend on how much interpretation of the figures is necessary and how many examples the reader needs to read in order to understand the significance of these findings.Next, present a content analysis of another part of the spectrum of the same research question, perhaps the NEGATIVE or NEUTRAL responses to the survey.For instance: After you have assessed the data in one figure and explained it sufficiently, move onto your next research question.For example: This kind of data may be presented through a figure or set of figures (for instance, a paired T-test table).The Results section appears third in the section sequence in most scientific papers.It follows the presentation of the Methods and Materials and is presented before the Discussion section—although the Results and Discussion are presented together in many journals.


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