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CONFLICTS AND DISPUTES ARE INEVITABLE Conflict is defined as the behaviour due to which people differ in their feelings, thought and/or actions. In general it is believed that conflicts are the underlying cause of disputes.Collins (1995) states that the conflict is a ‘serious disagreement and argument about something important’ and also as ‘a serious difference between two or more beliefs, ideas or interests’ (cf. In other words, dispute is a manifestation of the deep rooted conflict.

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Many authors have highlighted the inevitability of conflicts on the other hand it is said that disputes can be prevented or at least can be minimized through proper management.

Conflicts are ubiquitous where ever a large number of people are involved i.e.

A dispute is defined as ‘a class or kind of conflict, which manifests itself in distinct, justifiable issues.

It involves disagreement over issues capable of resolution by negotiation, mediation or third party adjudication’So, it is said that a conflict can exist without a dispute but a dispute cannot exist without a conflict (Spangler and Burgess, 2003).

Next, each theorist of progress offers a causal story to explain the improvement in the human condition that he thinks has occurred.

The notion of a universal history, a historical narrative taking all of humanity as its subject, came to prominence during the Enlightenment.Different project managers, engineers, surveyors belonging to different organizations and having different needs, goals and each of them looking to maximize their benefits are brought together to form a team.Because of these differences in the individuals the conflicts and disputes become inevitable in a project.Three questions will provide the starting points for this particular analysis.These are: (1) Does the theory under consideration rigorously define a conception of human well-being and, if so, what is it?Universal historians aspired to surpass ordinary historians in breadth and depth and aimed to penetrate the surface play of events to discover fundamental laws of historical development.These laws would not only explain the past, but could be used to predict the future.They are committed either to interpret human well-being as a single value, or as a set of incommensurable values that are empirically connected.In the first case, value monism, the list of compelling alternatives is not long.As we will see, faced with the difficulties of the task, some theorists do not define well-being rigorously.They may, however, formulate a conception of improvement for a circumscribed domain of social life, the description of which is a part of their overall account.


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