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A capitalist system recognises and rewards skilled workers more highly than unskilled ones, so in his view all feudal systems were doomed to eventually become capitalist ones. There are haves (the owners of the factories, which he called ‘bourgeoisie’) and the have-nots (the workers). Marx thought that eventually the workers would simply stop working for the bourgeoisie and work only for themselves.All workers would then be owners, and there would be no more dialectic – a permanent, stable system that he called ‘socialism’. Trying to resist this transition would only make the transition harder.

Thesis It was the weakness of Britain and France that caused the outbreak of WW2, as they chose appeasement and allowed Hitler and the Nazis to get away with aggressive behaviour, until ultimately they had no choice but to go to war.

This occurred because of a number of reasons, such as the fear of communism and general belief that the Treaty of Versailles had been too unfair.

So if you’re a materialist, one of the dialectics you are going to be really interested in is the contrast between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

How is it that some people have lots of material stuff and some people don’t?

– Facts from research on factory farms goes here 2. – Facts from research on heart disease and cancer go here 3. – Facts from research on environmental effects go here Antithesis: People should continue eating meat. Although we should not cause unnecessary suffering to animals, it is acceptable to use them for our own ends. – Facts from research on nutrients available from meat that are unavailable or difficult to obtain without meat goes here 3.

– Argument using one or more ethical theories goes here. If we decide not to eat meat because it is exploiting animals, then we must not eat eggs or dairy products and must not use any other animal products or use animals for any testing, which is both impractical and not necessary ethically.As stated by Alexander Berkman: “It must always be remembered — and remembered well — that revolution does not mean destruction only.It means destruction plus construction” which arguably is the power that the Provisional Government had at the start of 1917.Meat-eating is healthy as long as it is a small part of our diet.– Facts from research on diet recommendations from health experts go here 3.This led to German rearmament and territorial gains, which were allowed and ignored by the Western powers until they had no other choice but war.Antithesis The war was the result of Hitler and Nazi aggression.Hitler always intended on making further territorial gains and to embark on rearmament, regardless of what Britain and France did to stop him.Furthermore, Hitler ignored the Treaty of Versailles, among other treaties, and so the Allies were left with no choice but to fight him.And what is the inevitable outcome of such a situation?Marx even went so far as to describe all of human history in the terms of this materialist dialectic.


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