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What this might require of you depends on the school and the situation.(We’ll discuss these circumstances in greater detail below.) you submit your initial application, you’ll be contacted directly with instructions if and when more information becomes necessary.

This threshold may also depend upon where you live; students who come from the immediate area of the college and, more generally, the state of California receive preference in the form of lower EI cutoffs.

Applying to one or more schools in the Cal State system is different from applying to most other colleges in some significant ways.

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Even among large state university systems in the U.

If you’re from outside of California, you may also have questions about how your residency affects your application requirements and chance of being accepted. In this post, you’ll find an outline of the Cal State system of colleges, their application processes and requirements, and the factors you’ll need to consider if you’re thinking about applying.

Read on for our advice on making wise choices about the Cal State system.

The Cal State system as it operates today was created by the California Master Plan for Education of 1960, but the colleges it consists of have existed for much longer under various names and groupings.

Originally intended primarily to educate teachers, these colleges now offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in a full range of fields.

Currently, nearly 479,000 students attend Cal State each year, and the system lays claim to the title of largest (by population) 4-year state college system in the nation.

It’s responsible for half the bachelor’s degrees awarded in California every year, and it awards more bachelor’s degrees each year than any other university system in the U. It’s important to keep in mind that the California State University system is not the same as the University of California (UC) system.


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