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Session 2: Creating Effective Conversation Prompts & Tasks (August 9-15) – This session focuses on how to look at a lesson, envision the conversational opportunities, and craft effective prompts for back and forth conversations between students.Session 3: Preparing for Effective & Efficient Formative Assessment of Conversations (August 16-22) – The session prepares participants to (1) set up an assessment plan for assessing and reflecting on observations of paired student conversations, (2) provide right-now feedback to students during their conversations, and (3) reflect on conversation assessment to improve teaching and assessment.

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College Success Tip #9 Critical Thinking What is critical thinking?

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The mid- to late-1990s witnessed the rise of misguided attempts to arti­ficially accelerate brain development in children.

Parents began force-feeding infants and toddlers special “educational” DVDs and flash cards in the hopes of taking advantage of unique features of the developing brain to “hardwire genius” by the age of three—or even younger.Whether delving into assigned readings or confronting realistic problems, it helps to systematically review the different elements of critical thinking.SPC's faculty champions have developed criteria of what good critical thinking looks like as part of the Assessment Rubric for Critical Thinking (ARC).It also charges students to foster understanding and engage in sound decision-making to address the College’s mission of fostering critical thinking.These skills will serve as tools for students in an ever-changing marketplace and world.A Rubric To Assess Critical Thinking (they have several free rubrics, but you have to register for a free account to gain access) 24.25 Critical Thinking Apps For Extended Student Thought Teach Thought Staff See also 10 Team-Building Games That Promote Critical Thinking Critical Thinking As an organization, critical thinking is at the core of what we do, from essays and lists to models and teacher training. This varied and purposely broad collection includes resources for teaching critical thinking, from books and videos to graphics and models, rubrics and taxonomies to presentations and debate communities.(You can check out What It Means To Think Critically for a wordier survey of the intent of critical thinking.) For this post, we’ve gathered various critical thinking resources. Take a look, and let us know in the comments which you found the most–or least–useful.Fortunately, everyone can improve their ability to think critically, and these resources will be a great help!Given the variety of definitions in the literature, an important step in preparing the plan to improve students’ critical thinking skills was to develop a consensus among the SPC faculty on what constituted critical thinking.


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