Creative Writing Courses In London

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During this freelance journalism course we will take you through the nuts and bolts of beginning to make a living from freelance writing.

The course is based on the assumption that you already have an interest in selling your writing to local newspapers, national newspapers, magazines or online publications.

Graduates of the Complete Creative Writing Course have gone on to be published by well-known houses, to win literary prizes, and to teach other students to write, on the course itself and elsewhere.

Click on the portraits below to read their stories.

Each exercise will be read by Olive and the student will receive written feedback.

However, the main thing is for the student to have fun when writing!

Sometimes plots and characters become so familiar to us, our habits so ingrained, that it’s hard to see beyond the borders of our stories or feel energised about starting new work. This four-week class will present strategies to lift you out of ruts and help you solve problems in your stories or essays.

This class will investigate ways to bring our characters into complex life.

Whether you want to keep a blog to chat with friends or use it to launch a new career, she can answer your questions and guide you through the process. Very short—or flash—fiction has grown into a popular genre.

In Flash Fiction: The Art of the Very Short Story, you’ll learn the skills required to create these small masterpieces, which are often fewer than 500 words.


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