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I have now had occasion to study this subject a bit, and I have come to realize that eyewitness error has been recognized as the leading cause of wrongful convictions. Bush and his parole board not to execute Gary Graham based on this kind of evidence.

One witness is not enough, especially when her story is contradicted by other good people. I have never before spoken out on behalf of any inmate.

In 1995, 11 years after I had first identified Ronald Cotton, I was asked to provide a blood sample so that DNA tests could be run on evidence from the rape.

I agreed because I knew that Ronald Cotton had raped me and DNA was only going to confirm that. — To Monsieur, Monsieur de L’HOSPITAL, Chancellor of France VI. Of all egotists, Montaigne, if not the greatest, was the most fascinating, because, perhaps, he was the least affected and most truthful. — To Monsieur, Monsieur de MESMES, Lord of Roissy and Malassize, Privy V. His essays were a sort of literary anatomy, where we get a diagnosis of the writer’s mind, made by himself at different levels and under a large variety of operating influences.This woman saw the murderer for only a fraction of the time that I saw the man who raped me.Several other witnesses contradict her, but the jury that convicted Mr.When I went to the police department later that day, I worked on a composite sketch to the very best of my ability. It was the happiest day of my life because I could begin to put it all behind me.I looked through hundreds of noses and eyes and eyebrows and hairlines and nostrils and lips. In 1987, the case was retried because an appellate court had overturned Ronald Cotton's conviction.I know that there is an eyewitness who is absolutely positive she saw Gary Graham commit murder.But she cannot possibly be any more positive than I was about Ronald Cotton. Several days later, looking at a series of police photos, I identified my attacker. During a pretrial hearing, I learned that another man had supposedly claimed to be my attacker and was bragging about it in the same prison wing where Ronald Cotton was being held.This man, Bobby Poole, was brought into court, and I was asked, '' Ms. '' I answered: '' I have never seen him in my life.


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