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Once again, a well designed business plan is essential for these commitments. Creating joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions – Many rural businesses focus on moving up the supply chain to take advantage of profit opportunities closer to the consumer.To achieve this, it is common for businesses to create relationships with existing business in the supply chain through joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions.A business plan is critical for the creation or expansion of a rural business.

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However, you cannot adjust your plan due to a changing market conditions if you don’t have a base plan to start with.

Without a plan you will spend your time going from crisis to crisis without looking at the long-run future of your business.

Avoid jargon and terms that are unfamiliar to people outside of your industry. If you cannot implement the plan, how can you create a successful business?

Determine what you want to cover in your business plan and make headings for each of the items. So, the primary responsibility for writing the business plan is with you, the founders.

These individuals will want to be assured that you know what you are doing and that your business concept is viable.

A well designed business plan is essential in this process.If you are not involved in writing the business plan, how can you implement it? Focusing founders/management team - During this stage of business development, the founders often become weary from the relentless onslaught of issues facing them.The business plan helps to focus their activities and presents issues in an organized manner.Identify which ones are relevant in your situation. Putting the pieces together - Until you prepare your business plan, you won’t know if the internal logic of your proposal is consistent. Writing the business plan will identify holes in your project and force you to think through various aspects of your plan that you previously had not identified. Creating a blueprint for action - The business plan provides you with a “blueprint” or “action plan” for creating your business or business expansion.The more specific your business plan, the easier it is to implement the plan and build your business. The first stage is creating the plan and the second is implementing the plan.Although a comprehensive and well thought out business plan is important to the success of your business venture, many people drag their feet when it comes to preparing one.They assert that the market changes too fast for a business plan to be useful.The lenders purpose is to generate returns for the lending institution while protecting their investment in your business. Attracting equity investment - Business plans can be used to attract equity investors to your business.Equity investors in rural businesses are often producers or other local individuals.The major reason people don’t want to write a business plan is that it is extra work that they don’t find enjoyable.But if you are serious about creating a successful business, you need to be serious about creating a good business plan.


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