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- draw your readers in- culminate in a thesis statement that clearly states your argument- orient your readers to the key facts they need to know in order to understand your thesis- lay out a roadmap for the rest of your paper Often students get slowed down in paper-writing because they are not sure how to write the introduction.Do not feel like you have to write your introduction first simply because it is the first section of your paper. Be specific in your analysis, and draw on at least one of the scholars of nationalism that we discussed in class.”Here is an example of a introduction for this prompt:“One of the most important tasks the leader of any country faces is how to build a united and strong nation.

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You need to be specific about what strategies of nation-building Jordan’s leaders used.

You also need to assess those strategies, so that you can answer the part of the prompt that asks about the results of nation-building.- “By presenting themselves as descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, as leaders of the Arab Revolt, and as the fathers of Jordan’s different tribal groups, they established the authority of their regime and the authority of the new nation, creating one of the most stable states in the modern Middle East.”- This thesis statement is stronger because:1. Even though you will be persuading readers of your argument through the evidence you present in the body of your paper, you want to tell them at the outset exactly what you are arguing.2.

It also sets the writer up to address the questions in the prompt, getting at both the purposes of nation-building in Jordan and referencing the scholar of nationalism s/he will be drawing on from class: Anthony Smith.

“To help them face the difficult challenges of founding a new state, they employed various strategies of nation-building.”- This thesis statement restates the prompt rather than answers the question.

It discusses the significance of the argument, saying that Jordan created an especially stable state.

This helps you answer the question about the results of Jordan’s nation-building project.3. The writer knows how to proceed and the reader knows what to expect.

The question already asks you to pick one example, so your job is not simply to reiterate that information, but to explain what kind of example Jordan presents.

You also need to tell your reader why the context you are providing matters.- “First, as foreigners to the region, the Hashemites had to establish their legitimacy as Jordan’s rightful leaders.

The paper prompt is not asking you to talk about nation-building in general, but nation-building in one specific place.

“This has been especially true in the Middle East, where the country of Jordan offers one example of how states in the region approached nation-building.


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