Compare And Contrast Essay On Sisters

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Sibling Similar Differences “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker tells a story of a mother who narrators the visit of her daughter from college and the conflict between her two daughters. Johnson, gives descriptions of her daughters’, Dee and Maggie, personality and looks, and each daughter description is opposite of each other. Johnson describes each daughter’s education level, which also differs.

Furthermore, we both have brown hair, brown eyes, and same face structure. We also wear the same sizes in clothes because of our same figure. Moreover, our styles of fashion are also similar, including baggy t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops.

This similar appearance was a problem growing up, because we would steal each others’ clothes.

One main thing we share together is each other friendship. I like to have everything planned out and organized.

While my sister never plans anything and just goes with the flow.

Johnson then describes Maggie to always be “chin on chest, eyes on the ground, feet in shuffle…” (paragraph 9).

This description shows that Maggie lacks confidence to the point that she feels lower than people, especially her sister, and undeserving of things unlike her sister.

But we use our same style in fashion to our advantage; we both always have each other to go shopping with.

When the two of us are talking our voices come out sounding the same.

The major contrast between the sisters is their education level.

Dee is the sister that goes to college and seems to better herself, while Maggie stays at home and mostly taught about things from her heritage.


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