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A centrist who described his ideology as "in the boring middle," Rodrigues said Thursday he planned to take the job "one step at a time" and work across the aisle to find compromise on key budget and revenue questions."It's still too soon to tell what items are going to percolate to the top," Rodrigues said."We certainly know education, we certainly know transportation are the two biggest. But I'm not ready to commit to anything yet."The Westport native, 59, has an accounting degree from what is now UMass Dartmouth and has worked for ABC Flooring, a local company owned by his family, since he was 12.

Representatives Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will continue to serve as Majority and Minority Leader, respectively.

Democrats continue to be the majority in the Senate, with 53 Democrats and 2 Independents who will caucus with the Democrats.

Aaron Michlewitz as the new chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Michlewitz, of Boston, is the fourth Ways and Means chair to serve under De Leo, following Jeff Sanchez, Brian Dempsey and Charley Murphy, all now former legislators.

This is still short of the 60 votes needed to withstand a Republican filibuster.

However, the Senate is expected to consider possible changes to the filibuster process early in the new Congress.

Over the past several weeks, Speaker Bonnen has held individual meetings with House Members to discuss their committee preferences.

Speaker Bonnen added, I believe these committee assignments will allow every member to represent his or her district and bring the member's individual strengths to the table, while also providing more opportunities for individual members to participate in policymaking decisions that affect all Texans." In an effort to increase opportunities and broaden committee participation among House Members, Speaker Bonnen has: Appointed at least 9 House Members to serve on each substantive committee, allowing more Members to be involved in various policymaking areas and creating a broader overlap of Members serving on various committees; Increased efficiency by reducing the number of standing House Committees from 38 to 34; Elected not to form Select Committees, thereby giving deference to the committee structure approved by the House Membership in the House Rules; and Chosen not to appoint chairs of other committees to simultaneously serve on the House Calendars Committee.

"After thoughtful consideration, these committee assignments have been made to reflect the seniority and personal preferences of Members and the diverse demographics of the Texas House.

The Speaker announced committee assignments on the 16th day of the legislative session.


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