Cold Storage Business Plan

It is being realized that proper and timely storage of produce is an essential factor in the agriculture industry and due importance is given for the same.

Research has suggested that the Indian cold storage industry is making a steady growth and the annual growth rate is estimated to be 25.8%.

All these problems actually demanded the right action in terms of implementing cold storages which are easily accessible and work at a lower cost, but unfortunately these demands are partially being fulfilled.

this is again available in three different types depending on the temperature required in the storage rooms.

Storing farmed products enhances their shelf life and also facilitates continuous supply of produce in the market.

The cold storage method stabilizes the price of the product, provides equal distribution and marketing of the product.Initially the loss was 25%, but now it has reached 40% of the total production.This loss creates a big difference between the quantities produced and consumed.If the loss occurring due to non-availability of storage (post-harvest management) is analyzed in a broad way, then it is clearly known that all the natural resources involved in the production cycle, such as crop, power, labor, land, water, time, fertilizers etc.are all wasted in the process and such wastage for a developing country like India cannot be tolerated.Under such circumstances, cold storage becomes an integral aspect of the post-harvest management techniques.The losses that can occur by not storing the produce under proper conditions can be avoided using a cold storage.Post-harvest management of produce is a highly important aspect of farming because all vegetables or fruits that are produced can’t be sold fresh at the same time.Some quantity of produce needs to be stored for further processing or for future table use.The diffuser type system is used when the height of the storage room is low.The bunker type system is used when the storage room height is above 11.5 m.


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