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The only other character who sees Vianne for herself, and not just for what her skillset represents, is the river rat Roux, aka Jack Sparrow 1.0 (Johnny Depp, of course). While the townspeople are reawakening to their emotions and bodies, Vianne — a master in the union of emotion, body, and mind — is fighting a spiritual battle with her ancestors.He sees that they are cut from the same cloth, and sees her for who she is, not just for what she can do. Her mother’s lineage plays a tyrant to herself and Anouk.

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This delicate playing is used to call Vianne into moving on.

This condition is apparent as the film maker focuses on the positioning of the urn next to Vianne`s bed as if it was a constant reminder of her inherited ways.

Yes, she stands out like a sore thumb in the sleepy town which values its tranquility so much. doesn’t beat around the bush about Vianne’s origins and fated purpose.

But to our modern sensibilities, she’s beyond benign. But below the surface, the stuff her character is peddling is every bit as subversive to our modern sensibilities as it is to the characters in the film. The narrator (Vianne’s daughter Anouk) tells us, as told by Vianne, how Vianne’s mother was a South American healer from a tribe of wanderers, who traveled from town to town teaching their healing arts, never staying in one place too long. His young wife soon left him, taking his daughter Vianne with him, sent by the relentless North Wind to carry out her role as a healer. Because that’s what her skills have fated her to do.

Soon after the north wind called Vianne we see her talking, as she is packing her suitcase, to the urn as if her mother was still alive: "Of course ... Middle When asked about her absence from the village he tries to hide the truth, only later on in the film does he gain independence when he submits to the chocolate and accepts that the old ways of life are not always the best.

With this we meet Josephine, in church, stealing a mirror out of a person's purse. She is illustrated as being a messy and over protected woman in her thirties. Introduction Chocolat analysis In the movie "Chocolat" we first encounter Vianne with her daughter Anouk as they brave the harsh wind and settle into the new village.She is bound by the ways of her mother cheetah: "She was one of the wanderers ... from place to place dispensing natural remedies ...I find it endlessly delightful and appropriate that this film’s shaman is, of course, a woman: the chocolatier-apothecary Vianne played to effortless perfection by an ageless looking Juliet Binoche.And her drug — her psychadelic enlightenment lubricator of choice: the deliciously benign chocolate.We see scenes of a smiling Josephine and her costume changes during this to give her a more brighter and neat look. Conclusion It's only after Luc runs away to be at his grandmother's birthday party his mother releases how over protective she has been.In the scenes towards the end of the movie we see Luc at the Easter Sunday celebrations laughing, running around and being a kid.Vianne, feeling fated to be a parental alienating nomad like her mother, seeks freedom from her mother’s people’s burden, but feels she lacks the power.Which is where, as is so often the case with shamans, the only person who can help steps in: the child. And its characters and landscape are fairly straightforward and predictable in their development. It’s a very controlled narrative reliant on classic techniques, like voice over.


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