Chemistry In Everyday Life Assignment

Enzymes have active sites which bind the substrate quickly and effectively. What are biodegradabed and non-biodegradable polymer. Non biodegradable detergents:- The detergents containing branched hydrocarbon chains are not easily degraded by microorganism and hence are called biodegradable polymers Example:- Sodium 4 – (1, 3, 5, 7 – tetramethyloctyl) benzene sulphonate. Explain the term, target molecules, or drugs forget as used in medicinal chemistry?

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This activity could be used prior to learning stoichiometry or after being introduced to stoichiometry. This activity was used at a community college, Introduction to Chemistry course (high school/pre-General Chemistry equivalent) with a class size of approximately 40 students.

The students were allowed 20 minutes to complete the activity where they read through the web page and had to come up with an example where they use dimensional analysis in their life.

S., North Hennepin Community College, based on participation in the Chem Ed DL summit hosted by the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Catholic University of America.

In introductory chemistry, students learn stoichiometry. In this activity, it allows the students to read a webpage in order to aid them in making a connection between stoichiometry and when they use the same mathematical process during their every day life.

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Chemistry In Everyday Life Assignment

They other because they works on differen receptors secretion of histamine causes allergy.

It relanes some other muscles in walls of blood vassels. Its timulates the release of pepsin and HCl in the stomach. It is responsible for coagulation in the nose associated with common cold and allergies. Some drugs interfere with this interaction by blocking the binding site. What are the difference between bathing soap and washing soap? Washing Soaps are sodium salts of long chain fatty acids. They are usually hard and also contain some residual alkali. Write the chemical equation for preparing sodium soap from glyceryl oleate and glyceryl polimate.

The functional group present at the active site of enzyme reacts with functional group of substrate through ionic, or hydrogen bonding. Bathing soap are potassium salts of long chain fatty acids. They are usually soft and are free from the unused alkali Example:- Lifeboy, Lux Washing Soap 1.

Chemicals which are used to bring down the body temperature during high fever are called the antipyretics. What are fillers and what role these fillers play in soap Ans.

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