Canada In Korean War Essay

The opening months of the Korean War were marked by major swings of the front lines.As North Korean troops surged southward in their initial offensive, they quickly took the South Korean capital city of Seoul and then pushed the defending forces back into a pocket around the port city of Pusan in the southeast corner of the peninsula by late summer.

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More than 26,000 brave Canadians served on land, at sea and in the air during this bitter conflict that raged in from 1950 to 1953.

The Japanese had occupied neighbouring Korea in the early decades of the 20 century.

Tensions between the two sides grew, climaxing on June 25, 1950, when North Korean troops invaded South Korea.

This set off more than three years of fighting in the place traditionally known to its people as the “Land of the Morning Calm.” The United Nations (UN) had been established in the aftermath of the Second World War and sought to avert future international conflicts through diplomacy and dialogue.

Their duties included blockading the coast, preventing enemy amphibious landings, protecting the UN fleet, bombarding onshore targets and offering humanitarian aid to isolated Korean fishing villages.

Beginning in July 1950, the Royal Canadian Air Force’s No.

After the dynamic opening phases of the Korean War, ceasefire negotiations began in early July 1951.

The front lines would move little during the remainder of the conflict.

The Canadian Army Special Force was established in August 1950 for service in the Korean War.

Our first regiment to deploy to Asia was the 2 Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, which trained in Canada and Washington State before shipping out in November 1950.


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