Business Retirement Plans

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Once you pick a plan, choose a reputable provider to help with implementation and administration.

One of the best providers for retirement plans for small is Human Interest.

The remaining $18,000 is through employer profit-sharing contributions.

An additional $6,000 in catch-up contributions are allowed for employees over age 50, for a total of $62,000.

Human Interest’s technology allows it to streamline plan administration and generate cost savings for small business owners.

Visit Human Interest With over 54 million Americans participating in more than 550,000 plans, 401(k)s are probably the most well-known type qualified retirement plan.

The specifics of a plan must be included in plan documents that the employer drafts, adopts, and follows.

Unlike Safe Harbor or Solo 401(k)s, Traditional 401(k)s are subject to “nondiscrimination testing”, which is an IRS test to ensure that plan assets don’t become too concentrated among company owners and highly-compensated employees.

Typical 401(k) costs include: Unlike some IRA alternatives, 401(k) contributions come from both employers and employees.

Contributions are a combination of employee salary deferrals, employer matching, and profit-sharing payments by employers when they choose to contribute.


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