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I just focused on my work, and over time I became successful.But because I know you will ask about raising money, the fundraising app is the 4th app in this 4-app series on starting a business.The business plan app has tutorials on how to write each section of a business plan, and answers some of the common business planning questions like how to choose a targe market, how to create a business model and a revenue model, and how to have an overall balanced business strategy.

A great way to unravel the why of your app is to address unsolved problems that you face.

Another “why” could be addressing the deficiencies of the apps you currently use. You need to validate whether there is a market for your app, and also guesstimate the size of the market.

The fourth app in this series is the fundraising app.

Of all questions entrepreneurs ever ask me, almost 100% of them ask about raising money at one point or another.

Here is an article on how to write a business plan, and a service I offer as a business coach where I can help you create your business plan during one on one coaching via Skype. Most people who get the business idea app and the business plan app never actually end up starting their business.

But the marketing app users all need marketing because they already started their businesses and need to promote it.I know it is a lofty statement to make, but here is why I believe these are the best apps to start a business.First of all, these are proven apps with over 1,000,000 downloads and a rating of over 4 stars for all the apps.If you are interested in the topic of business ideas, and want more than the business idea app offers, here are a few more articles that have to do with business ideas: 1) How to get business ideas. 3) Common business idea mistakes and bad business ideas.The second app in this 4-app series is the business plan app.Check out the featured apps on the app store, especially the top apps in your category for both free and paid versions.Use the apps, and buy the paid ones and figure out what they do best.Allocate a budget of 0, play around with the creative and the audience, send the traffic to a landing page, and evaluate the response.Check out Google trends for keywords related to your app idea.Ideally, you app should target a problem and a growing market, and Google Trends can give you a fair idea about your prospects.Keep in mind though that if you are working on an app idea which doesn’t have any traction yet (think of pioneers like Uber) Google Trends won’t help.


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