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The parking signs in LA might be an extreme case, but many times designing for mobile apps means facing the same problems.

Is there a way out—for both the parking signs and designers in general?

Her design also made use of visuals, rather than text, to convey information.

The result is incredibly intuitive: green for OK, red for No Parking.

Imagine you are a driver along this road on a Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. What sounds like a simple question takes a lot of mental processing to answer.

As designers, we’re often faced with situations where we have to design for a lot of information to be displayed in a small space.Sometimes, however, we might even unintentionally add friction to user actions (mostly due to aesthetic or novelty reasons) that result in detrimental UX.One example is i, created for the anniversary of the i Fly magazine by KLM.You’ll quit exploring the internet altogether after a few click-and-holds.Many times, we designers tend to get carried away with the newest interaction styles or actions, but it is critical that you always exercise caution when your design could add friction to user actions.It’s even designed for the colour blind, with stripes for No Parking.Now when you look at the sign, you’ll know that on Tuesday at 9 a.m., parking is not allowed. , the Mystery Meat Navigation (MMN) refers to cases where the destination of a link is not visible until the user clicks on it or points the cursor at it.This adds cognitive load to users, because they now have to guess how to navigate or what clicking something does.While most MMN are found in older websites, they’re surprisingly prevalent in modern websites.You can see this in action above, where increased friction occurs when the user scrolls to the end of the webpage.Friction was added to indicate situations where scrolling is no longer allowed: and the effect is an intuitive experience.


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