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You can help them succeed by teaching the following strategies.National writing standards and the tests that assess them focus on argumentation rather than persuasion.Paragraph A Native Americans receive too little representation in media. What little representation they receive often includes harmful stereotypes.

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One may say that in way, an argumentative essay equips you with all the ammunitions that you require in real life arguments.

An argumentative article is a piece of writing that demands the student to inquire thoroughly about a topic, collect evidences in support of it, analyze them and finally incorporate it in the essay in a logical manner.

Once students state a claim, how can they support it in a way that appeals to skeptical readers?

Aristotle outlined three types of rhetorical appeals.

In practice, these approaches overlap more than they diverge, but students should understand the subtle difference between them.

You can help your students understand the difference between the two by presenting Distinguishing Argumentation from Persuasion.

Many sport mascots depict Native Americans in a similarly limited manner.

According to recent studies, these portrayals lead to poorer self-esteem and mental health among Native American youth.

Though argumentation should de-emphasize emotional appeals, it still should connect to readers on a human level.

As Thomas Newkirk advises in , “Any argument that fails to appeal to the emotions, values, hopes, fears, self-interest, or identity of any audience is doomed to fail.” Apt anecdotes allow students to add interest and emotive impact to their writing.


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