An Essay About The Invention Of Cars

Most pioneers of the automobile later became famous in the industry.

The creation of the first auto assembly line was caused by a fire that destroyed the Olds Motor Works in Detroit.

From the first self propelled road vehicle created in the 1790’s, to the modern road machine of today, it hasn’t been an easy road to follow (no pun intended) for the automobile.

Many people mocked the car, and you used to hear the phrase “Get a horse” a lot back when cars were first mass produced.

Whether it’s a local race track, or a huge Nascar track, people love racing and the thrill, and also the danger.

The history of automobiles is a long, and laborious one.

At present, in the 20th and 21st centuries, electric cars has been invented in addition to and hybrid cars which powered by fuel and electricity.

The first hybrid car manufactured by Ferdinand Porsche was in 1901.

This caused Olds to sign contracts with the owners of small machine shops to manufacture many parts for his cars.

With this method, the company built 425 cars in 1901, 3750 in 1902, and 500 in 1903.


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