Advantages Of Joining A Study Group Essay

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A study group is beneficial intellectually but also emotionally, as students encourage each other to study.

Speaking out loud in a group or trying to explain something to someone else helps reinforce them.

Study groups are especially beneficial for pre-med and medical students because their field of study requires a great deal of memorization of facts. Also, medical students have to study anatomy, which is nearly impossible to learn without the help of others during dissection and analysis of the detailed structures of bones and organs.

Individual students find it virtually impossible to locate veins, nerves and other points of identification on their own.

While this does not imply that college is getting easier, it does shine a light on an interesting fact: with the advent of social media and advanced mobile devices, students feel more connected, and they are more likely to study in groups.

Time and time again, group study has become a dilemma for college students, leaving some of them unsettled with the idea of going at it alone.This is useful in real-world settings where more than one solution or opinion bolsters creative and analytical thinking.Some students are bound to put off studying, homework, papers, and projects.Study groups are an ideal situation, theoretically.If everyone follows the rules, they can be beneficial for all involved.Students study in groups to explain concepts to each other and to quiz each other.However, there also are disadvantages to studying in groups.Students study well in a group because they are obligated to pull their own weight.They must read the material before getting together, so a study group session becomes a deadline to complete revising for a given amount of material.Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science in physics and biochemistry from Lahore University of Management Sciences.As of August 2019, the degree completion and graduation rates among American college students continue to hover around 40 percent, but the Annenberg Institute at Brown University has some good news in this regard: quite a few private and public institutions that have been around less than five decades are seeing higher completion rates.


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