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I hope this list makes sense as I was trying to summarize what people were saying in their emails and sometimes it wasn't clear if they meant pre or post doc fellwoships because they just used the tern "CFD fellows" in general) - List was updated on 2/19 by original poster Muhlenberg College: Said they would pass along my information to the appropiate department (once again idk if that is them being polite) - Update 3/4 They emailed me to say that they will not be hiring a fellow this year.

"This morning, President Someone With Tiny Hands released his Presidential Budget Request for FY 2019, which again calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Humanities along with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Education’s International Education Programs, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and the Institute for Museums and Library Services. 09/30 - Upgraded this morning from alternate to principal status!

If you are applying for an AAUW fellowship and none of the available online options work with your schedule, please contact us—we will do our best to find additional scheduling options.

Additional field-specific fellowships advisors on campus are listed here.

The best letters are from people who can best comment on your activities and qualities that are most relevant to the fellowship’s evaluation criteria—for AAUW fellowships, your references collectively should be able to address your scholarly qualities, context about your project’s significance and feasibility, and your impact through teaching/mentoring/outreach.: Preparing a competitive application for AAUW requires a great deal of thought, time, and effort that helps you further develop your research ideas and writing skills.

In recognition of this investment and the benefits, UI graduate student applicants for the AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship or International Fellowship can be eligible for several different incentive programs: AAUW requires applicants to be active in work that benefits the well-being of women and/or girls in the world in some way.

I mean surely they don't grantees only 48 hours to say yes. Could anyone who was awarded a fellowship tell us how long they give you to accept or decline the award? Just called the office cause I can't focus on anything else. Why are these yahoos allowed to get away with this kind of meannes? Maybe reviewers only read in their field (I've heard otherwise from faculty who've reviewed in years past).

All of us "heard nothing" folks are trying to get a sense of what we can expect. - I applied in philosophy; no official word in any capacity as of 3/14 ( PM EST). The program manager said that she couldn't give me updates on my status (not surprising) and that they have "their process" which includes sending out things in waves. Just read back through the past few years of this thread, and someone mentioned that this process may involve waves of notifications because the reviewers can't get through all 1,000 applications at once, and they have to do them in rounds. BUT, there didn't seem to be people who posted about acceptances later in the process on the past threads (maybe they just didn't sign in to do it? Say they did and they had 100 applications to read, it's possible that they do them in batches of 25 or even 50, and for each batch, they group them into acceptances, rejections, and alternates, with some sort of quota system.

) American Studies: 1 Art History: 3 Literature: 3 Communication/Cultural Studies: 1 - rejected 8 am Biology: 1 Geography: 1 - still haven't heard anything as of pm EST...news or bad news?

Everything was in on time, didn't think there were any problems at submission time, not in Spam or any other folder. Rhetoric/Games Studies: 1 'rejection received at '4/15/2019 at am cst rejection received est.


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