A Wrinkle In Time Book Report Summary

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This special edition has been redesigned and includes an introduction by Katherine Paterson, an afterword by Madeleine L’Engle’s granddaughter Charlotte Jones Voiklis that includes photographs and memorabilia, the author’s Newbery Medal acceptance speech, and other bonus materials.Meg's father has been gone for many years and when one day a mysterious stranger comes knocking on the door she wants to uncover the truth.Charles Wallace says he knew she would come down, and Meg wonders how he knew. Meg is suspicious of this old woman, but makes her a sandwich anyway.

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The dog Fortinbras barks, and Meg remembers hearing about a tramp in the neighborhood who stole twelve sheets from Mrs. She wonders whether the tramp is heading for their house. Given his mysterious precocity, it is appropriate that it is he who discovers Mrs. It seems that Charles is in tune with another world, another way of being, so to human perception he appears strange or even dumb. The first chapter also gets the plot moving, and supplies two touches of mystery: the unexplained fact that Mr.

She goes downstairs to make cocoa and finds five-year-old Charles Wallace in the kitchen. Her mother returns with someone who does look a bit like a tramp, and is all bundled up in clothes. Whatsit, who was out in the storm and realized she was passing Charles Wallace's house and thought she would stop by and rest. A couple of times in this chapter, it is clear that in the Murry family, no pressure is exerted on Meg and Charles to be like other children. Murry is missing, and the introduction of a term that will not be explained until later.

Although the book glosses over specifics, it introduces the idea of a tesseract and a “wrinkle” in the space-time continuum.

This is a concept that is still in vogue today in a number of space movies and superhero dramas.

The Red Scare, or fear of communists, was another focus of the 1960s.

American distrust of communism stemmed, in part, from the totalitarian form of communism that arose in the Soviet Union.

Throughout their time on Camazotz, the characters discover the pitfalls of sameness and learn to value their unique differences.

Before reading the novel, students may explore the history of the Cold War and discuss ideas of freedom and oppression.

At various points, Soviet rule included imprisonment, execution, manipulation of historical truths, thought control, and repression of human rights (including religious freedom, rights of property, and freedom of speech).

Americans saw democracy as the form of government that offered true freedom - the antithesis of communism.


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