4 Week Travel Nurse Assignments

Determining the contract length you desire is a little more complicated.

The vast majority of agencies will handle assignments that are 13 weeks or longer.

Understanding how shifts and contract length fit into the landscape will help travel nurses understand the ramifications of their preferences on these issues.

All shifts are available when it comes to assignments.

Furthermore, some hospitals just don’t want to commit to 13 weeks.

By committing to fewer weeks they mitigate the risk of overspending in case their census drops and they no longer have a need for the travel nurse. Negotiate travel nursing pay like a PRO with our free e Book.8 hour shifts are more common in certain regions and states.For example, you’ll find a lot of 8 hour shifts in California, but even the majority of travel nursing jobs in California still have 12 hour shifts.In fact, I’d be surprised to find any company opposed to handling assignments of 13 weeks or longer, including companies that specialize in short-term contracts. Companies would love to have you on contract for the rest of your life working 60 hours a week. You’ll also find that the majority of companies will handle 8 week contracts if that’s what the hospitals they work with want.Again, hospitals will be the primary drivers behind contract lengths.However, if you’re adamantly opposed to working a particular shift and you’re interested in one particular location, then it may be useful to ask companies if the hospitals they work with in your location of interest staff the shifts you desire.Otherwise, simply letting the agency know what shifts you desire is enough.Some travel nurses like night shifts, some like days.Some prefer the standard 13 week contract, some will only work shorter contracts.But a crisis rate might make up for the deficiency.Short term contracts create opposing concerns for hospitals.


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